Your are kindly invited to attend an IDIA Data Science Workshop to be held at the University of the Western Cape from 12-13 April 2016. The workshop venue is the Library Auditorium on the UWC Bellville campus.

The aim of the workshop is to identify and discuss the data science challenges that must be addressed to achieve the scientific goals of the MeerKAT Large Survey projects and other SKA pathfinder science projects.

More specifically the goals are to: 

  • Define the suite of PI-driven data science research programmes that would be supported by IDIA
  • Brainstorm solutions and research directions
  • Explore multi-disciplinary approaches with colleagues in computer science and statistical sciences.
  • Explore common challenges that span several science projects, and synergies in data processing and analytics
  • Interact with potential industry research and development collaborators
  • Assemble project teams
The workshop is open to South African researchers and we encourage participation by postdoctoral fellows or graduate students who may be involved in or are interested in becoming involved in data science in support of MeerKAT or SKA science. Leadership in data science projects supported within IDIA is limited to researchers who are from IDIA partner institutes, including University of Cape Town, University of the Western Cape, North-West University and University of Pretoria.

Please register for the workshop by 1 April.

The workshop will be conducted over two days.  We will explore the technical and scientific challenges that we hope to address within IDIA, including: 

  • the processing of observational data to science-ready data
  • post-processing and information extraction
  • data mining and multi-wavelength science
  • data visualization and visual analytics
  • simulations and the interface between observations and models
  • WTF: exploration of the unknown
If you are working in one of these areas, or a related field, we would like to hear about it.  The deadline to submit an abstract for a contributed talk is 4 April.