Dr. Bradley Frank

Senior Researchers

Bradley Frank is the SKA Lecturer at the University of Cape Town, and is the Project Scientist of the ARC Astronomy Proof of Concept ARCADE.

Brad is also the South African Project Scientist for the IDIA/SKA-SA/ASTRON/IBM-Dome Pathfinder Science Regional Data Centre.
During his MSc, Brad worked on the configuration design of MeerKAT, and completed his PhD in 2013. He then did a postdoctoral research fellowship at the Dutch Institute for Radio Astronomy (ASTRON) during 2013-2015, where he worked on the design and implementation of the imaging pipeline for the APERTIF upgrade to WSRT.

He is a member of the MeerKAT large imaging survey projects; the co-chair of MIGHTEE-HI and the technical liaison for the MHONGOOSE project.