Dr Ian Heywood

I am a radio astronomer based at the University of Oxford, UK, and I also hold a visiting SKA professorship at Rhodes University, South Africa. My primary astrophysical research interests are galaxy and AGN evolution across cosmic time. Specifically I am interested in the major contributions that forthcoming large-scale radio continuum and spectral line surveys will make to this field. Consequently I spend large fraction of my time working on methods to reliably and automatically process and analyse the huge amounts of data produced by modern radio telescopes.

My collaboration with IDIA stems from the data processing challenges that must be addressed in order to deliver the MeerKAT Large Survey Projects. I am the co-lead of working groups within the MIGHTEE and LADUMA surveys, a member of the ThunderKAT team, and PI of the (possibly dormant) high-frequency MESMER project.

I received my PhD from the University of Manchester’s Jodrell Bank Observatory in 2005, for which I worked on imaging and modelling the evolving radio emission from classical nova explosions, using the UK’s unique MERLIN telescope. I moved into extragalactic radio astronomy when I undertook a postdoc at the University of Oxford following my PhD, during which time I also worked on simulations as part of the EU-funded SKA Design Studies program and software development for ALMA. In 2013 I moved to CSIRO’s Astronomy and Space Science division in Sydney, Australia, where I mainly worked on commissioning the ASKAP radio telescope. I was head of the astrophysics group during my final year there, before returning to Oxford in June 2017.