Dr. Luke Chamandy

Postdoctoral Fellows

Dr. Chamandy is a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Rochester. His research: Magnetic fields exist almost everywhere in the universe, and play a crucial role in many astrophysical processes. The evolution of magnetic fields within galaxies over cosmic time is governed by magnetohydrodynamics. Dr. Chamandy and his fellow researchers are in the process of developing a hybrid scheme, wherein output from a semi-analytic galaxy evolution model (GALFORM), which in turn uses output from a cosmological dark matter simulation (MILLENIUM), is used as input for galactic dynamo mean-field simulations. These simulations solve a suitably simplified set of MHD equations to compute the magnetic field for each galaxy. Thus we hope to simulate the temporal and spatial evolution of the magnetic fields of >10^7 galaxies over cosmological timescales and volumes. The goal is to produce mock MeerKAT/SKA radio polarization data sets and images, which can then be compared with observations.