Data to Dome

The recently completed upgrade to the Iziko Planetarium includes 6, Sony 4K laser projectors providing an 8K fulldome (64 MP) projection system powered by 12 NVidia P6000 GPUs. Fulldome 360° environments allow large audiences to experience multi-sensory, immersive experiences, without the need for VR headsets. Shared immersive environments are natural, comfortable, and provide a creative platform for innovation.

This event, in association with Astroinformatics 2017, .Astronomy 9, IAU Southern Horizons in Time-Domain Astronomy, and the International Planetarium Society, will include presentations from:

  • Dr Mark SubbaRao, Adler Planetarium and IPS President (The IPS Data to Dome Initiative)
  • Prof. Thomas Jarrett, IDIA/UCT (3D galaxy catalogues on the dome) 
  • Dr Angus Comrie, IDIA/UCT (Virtual Reality for Data Visualisation)

and demonstrations of the current Digital Dome system.



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