SAP Workshop

Researchers from SAP and IDIA held a two-day workshop at the SAP offices in Century City. The workshop included astronomy-related talks from IDIA researchers, and technology related presentations from SAP researchers.

In addition to the South African participants, several SAP researchers attended the meeting virtually from their Idea Lab in Heidelberg, Germany.

The first-day focused on presentations and discussions related to information gathering. IDIA researchers presented talks that outlined the challenge that scientists will face when transporting, processing and visualizing MeerKAT data.

They also provided an overview of the scientific context and details related to the current software state-of-art. Corresponding, SAP researchers provided an overview of the scientific and real-world case studies that they had focused on recently. These case studies highlighted the functionality of the SAP Hana framework, and the importance of research, innovation and academic research partnerships at SAP.

Day-two focused on creative problem solving and “ideation”, which aimed to connect challenges in radio astronomy with data-centric solutions and possible SAP involvement.

The challenges in radio astronomy included - data processing, archiving, machine learning and exploration of the unknown.

Representatives from SAP attended the IDIA workshop, and SAP has recently joined IDIA as an associate partner, and will fund two PhD positions dedicated to the IDIA/SAP collaboration.