Prof. Frik van Niekerk

Oversight Committee

Frik van Niekerk is the Vice-Principal and Deputy Vice-Chancellor for Research, Innovation and Technology at the North-West University. He has a prestigious academic career - B.Sc. (with distinction, Physics, Maths & Applied Maths), postgraduate degrees in Applied Maths (with distinction) and Physics (with distinction) and has a D.Sc. in Reactor Science from PU for CHE.

Prof van Niekerk served in senior positions at the Nuclear Energy Corporation of SA, Denel Aviation and the Pebble Bed Modular Reactor. From 1985 to 1988 he worked at the Gessellschaft Für Reaktorsicherheit (GRS) in München, Germany.

He is a member of the ASSAF and the SA Akademie, and serves as the Chairman of the Board/Director of several NWU Companies. He further serves as a member of several DHET, NRF, NACI and DST advisory/steering committees - which include the NACI Rapid-Response Advisory sub-committee on Energy and the Astronomy Advisory Council of South Africa.