Prof. Renée Kraan-Korteweg

Senior Researchers

Prof.  Kraan-Korteweg's research is focused on mapping the large-scale structures in the nearby Universe with special emphasis on unveiling the Zone of Avoidance through various multi-wavelengths approaches (optical, NIR, MIR, radio, X-ray) - including systematic whole-sky HI-surveys and peculiar velocity studies.

She is an active participant in various MeerKAT HI Large Survey Projects. In preparation for this, she is pursuing precursor projects, which involve testing galaxy extraction pipelines based on a large ZOA WSRT mosaic, and a to-be proposed MeerKAT early science project.

The latter has the goal to map the core of a optically hidden massive supercluster as science objective, and will function as a pilot project for assessing the reliability of galaxy extraction and parameterisation tool that the MeerKAT Laduma and Fornax HI Large Survey Projects will apply.