Prof Thomas Jarrett

Senior Researchers

My scientific career has focused on the formation and evolution of galaxies, both in the local universe and at earlier epochs, peering through the optical-infrared window to study the physical processes that govern the galaxies.  As a recipient of the South African Research Chairs Initiative (SARChI) in Astrophysics and Space Physics at the University of Cape Town (UCT), I have continued and expanded my research in extragalactic and large scale structure studies through leading a strong research team at UCT,  SAAO,  UWC and the SKA-SA.  A major component of this work involves utilizing the Wide-Field Infrared Space Explorer (WISE) data archives to provide new and value-add ‘legacy’ galaxy catalogue and imaging atlas to the research community, which will be in full use during the upcoming SKA-era of deep and wide probes of the universe.  This is where IDIA will used as a solution to our “big data” challenge – serving (and possibly curating) these large-volume data products for the international community of astronomers.