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The SKA “Science Data Processor” (SDP) element focuses on the design of the computing hardware platforms, software, and algorithms needed to process science data from the data correlators or non-imaging processors into science data products. The data rates involved in this will exceed that of the entire global internet traffic per day.


Prof. Rob Simmonds, the associate director of IDIA, leads the Data Delivery (DELIV) work package within SDP. This is responsible for making data products available to SKA Regional Centres (SRCs) and to end users. Work in this package includes designing standard’s based data access and search mechanisms, data transfer and transfer scheduling tools, user interfaces and system interfaces for connecting to the SRCs.


Prof. Simmonds is also responsible for the design of the SDP Observatory Support Tools that support science exploration at the main processing sites in South Africa and Australia, and is a member of the SDP core architecture team.


IDIA team members work closely with DELIV collaborators from groups based at the Canadian Astronomy Data Centre, the Oxford e-Research Centre, ASTRON, the Institute de Astrofisica de Andalucía and South Africa’s Space Advisory Company.