Radio continuum science has entered a new era of breakthrough research. The European LOFAR telescope has opened up the low-frequency radio sky for sensitive observations, while the MEERKAT radio telescope has begun probing new observational space with GigaHertz frequency observations. Combined observations will yield enormously powerful data sets over an unprecedented two decades in radio frequencies and will be an excellent starting point for addressing a broad range of astrophysical questions. We plan to organise a 2-day workshop to bring together the Meerkat and LOFAR radio communities that are working on studies of the formation and evolution of galaxies, clusters of galaxies, AGN as well as our Galaxy. The aim is (i) to provide an overview of the main (joint) science results and (ii) to foster and start collaborative projects making use of both facilities. To minimise travel and maximise scientific synergies, the workshop will take place on February 26 and 27, 2024, right after the Meerkat@5 conference ( of February 20-23, 2024, and in a location nearby (TBC).

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Organising committee:
Russ Taylor <>
Lucia Marchetti <>
Jacinta Delhaize <>
Roger Deane <>
Raffaella Morganti <>
Lingyu Wang <>
John McKean <>
Marijke Haverkorn <>
Huub Rottgering <>