News and Events

On July 23 2018, we invited members of the media and of the astronomy community to an event at the Iziko Planetarium and Digital Dome to celebrate the IDIA Research Cloud. See the video we prepared for the event.
Scientists keen to use MeerKAT data deluge Scientists need to cope with the terabytes of data that MeerKAT will begin producing in a few weeks. The telescope’s 64 dishes will generate a gigabyte of data a second... Read more .
The Inter-University Institute for Data Intensive Astronomy (IDIA) has launched a new visualisation facility at the University of Cape Town: a shared space where astronomers from around the country can explore their data – and find answers to some of the biggest questions about our universe. Read the full article here: .
The expansion of a telescope network creates a thirst for more data-handling expertise and infrastructure. Read the full article here: Deluge of astronomical data will soon hit SA, by Sarah Wild
The recently completed upgrade to the Iziko Planetarium includes 6, Sony 4K laser projectors providing an 8K fulldome (64 MP) projection system powered by 12 NVidia P6000 GPUs. Fulldome 360° environments allow large audiences to experience multi-sensory, immersive experiences, without the need for VR headsets. Shared immersive environments are natural, comfortable, and provide a creative platform for innovation. This event, in association with Astroinformatics 2017, .Astronomy 9, IAU Southern...
The IDIA Management Core (Russ, Rob and Michelle) attended the "Earth Observations in the African Research Cloud" Workshop, co-hosted by SANSA and AfriGEOSS, in Pretoria on 19 May 2017. The aim of the workshop was to look at infrastructure and applications towards incorporating the Earth Observation Community into the African Research Cloud.
Our Visualization Workshop was recently held (21 October 2016) at the River Club in Observatory. The workshop focussed on visualization with the aim to share current knowledge, expertise and work being done in this area, to articulate use-cases for data intensive projects in astronomy, with particular emphasis on MeerKAT and SKA pathfinder projects, and to define collaborative project concepts for visualization. Researchers from IDIA member institutions and their collaborators presented talks...