IDIA-supported hackathon for International Data Week

International Data Week (IDW) 2018 is taking place 5-8 Novembre 2018. A global movement mobilizing data scientists and researchers, representatives from industry and policy makers, IDW stimulates the adoption of data-driven research in every field.

Part of IDW2018, the international SciDataCon conference is taking place in Botswana this year. The theme for this year’s conference is “The Digital Frontiers of Global Science”.

IDIA members and collaborators are joining the conference and as part of the additional programme for students, Dr. Mattia Vaccari from IDIA and Prof. Anna Scaife from Manchester, an IDIA collaborator, are running a hackathon using the IDIA research cloud.

Building data skills regardless of the specialisation is an important part of training the next generation, which IDIA is  excited to contribute to.