DARA Big Data Africa school 2019 underway

On October 6 – 16 takes place the 2019 edition of the DARA Big Data Africa School. The Big Data Africa School aims to introduce fundamental data science tools and techniques to talented young science and engineering graduates across a range of disciplines. The aim is for students to develop skills and knowledge in working efficiently on extremely large datasets in any research environment.

The school allows students to work on real life data sets in the areas of astronomy, radio astronomy, health and sustainable agriculture, focusing on some of the biggest scientific challenges facing the African continent.

This year, 27 students from science and engineering fields have come to Cape Town to attend the school.

As in 2018, the students of the research school are using the IDIA Research Cloud to develop and run their big data projects. IDIA considers it one of its key mandates to contribute to skills development in big data science across Africa.

IDIA is also offering the students an industry skills workshop where the students are invited to this of their research projects as a product, develop a skeleton business plan and take part in a mock pitching competition for start-ups. Also on the programme, is a mock industry job interview exercise and a CV Lab where the students will get advice on applying for job in industry.

Students getting briefed on the industry skills workshop.

We wish all the participants a fun and rich DARA Big Data Africa 2019 Research  School!