Announcement: SEADS Seminar

In our continuing Science Engagement And Development Seminar series, we are excited to welcome Prof. Jean Greyling from Computing Sciences at Nelson Mandela University. He comes to tell us about his TANKS application and project.

Touching the code – expanding learners’ career horizons.


Software Development has been identified as one of the scarcest skills in South Africa (and most of the world). Universities are simply not providing enough graduates to meet the desperate need of industry. Furthermore, the general skill of computational logic, is critical for more than writing computer programs. Government is very much aware of this, with the proposed introduction of coding and robotics into primary schools. Unfortunately 16000 of our 25000 schools do not have computer laboratories. Furthermore the vast majority of teachers are not equipped to teach this content. Our coding project, making use of mobile apps, customized tokens and image recognition, has effectively been rolled out to over 20000 learners in South Africa. The aim with this project is to introduce learners to coding concepts without the need of computers, while broadening the scope of careers they could consider for after school.

Thursday 29 October 2020 11:00am