IDIA Associate Director Wins InspiringFifty Award

The InspiringFifty SA Awards aims to recognise and the increase the visibility of women in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) who have advanced the STEM fields. InspiringFifty celebrates the diversity of the Top 50 women in STEM in South Africa thus publicly positioning these successful women as role models for the next generation of female leaders in their fields, respective communities and industries.

The InspiringFifty SA is part of InspiringFifty, an international initiative was established by Janneke Niessen and Joelle Frijters to highlight successful women excelling in STEM. It started off in the Netherlands and has expanded around the world to celebrate the diversity of women in tech careers. InspiringFifty SA awards was brought to South Africa in 2017 by former Dutch Consul General, Bonnie Horbach. The initiative was handed over to Ellen Fischat in August 2018, who now serves as the SA InspiringFifty Ambassador.

Prof. Carolina Odman, Associate Director – Development and Outreach has been awarded with the 2020 Award for Inspiring Fifty South Africa. This award seeks to recognize her contribution to STEM, and most of all to give visibility to female role models in STEM.

Diversity is strength! As long as we are not nurturing all the young women who would like to have a career in STEM, we have to keep working. I do it because I believe it will change the world.

Prof. Carolina Odman-Govender