CARTA 3.0 Released

The CARTA development team is excited to announce that CARTA v3.0 is now released! The development team has tried hard to elevate CARTA to a higher level over the last 14 months by adding important new features via three beta releases. In addition to the feature development, we also spent a significant amount of time refactoring the codebase so that it is more maintainable for the future.

Please visit the CARTA homepage to obtain CARTA v3.0.

The user manual is available at this link.

In case of difficulties in installation of CARTA v3.0, please contact the CARTA helpdesk for assistance.

The main new features are:

  • Package support for x86_64 and aarch64 architectures
  • Vector overlay rendering
  • Loading images with the Lattice Expression Language (LEL)
  • Loading CASA images with pixel values as complex numbers
  • Initial implementation of image 2D Gaussian fitting
  • Generating computed polarization quantities (eg. linear polarization intensity) of a Stokes cube on the fly
  • Setting a new rest frequency when saving a subimage
  • Logging moment map generation information in header history
  • Line and polyline region spectral profiler
  • Initial implementation of PV image generator
  • Image file list filter
  • High-resolution PNG export
  • Enhanced spectral matching mode
  • Custom rest frequency for velocity conversion
  • Performance boost when loading a region file with massive amount of regions
  • Telemetry
  • Online catalog query from SIMBAD and VizieR
  • Region export and import enhancement
  • Initial implementation of intensity unit conversion
  • Multiple panel view
  • Pixel grid border rendering at high zoom levels
  • Interactive raster rendering with a cutoff via the interactive colorbar
  • Distance measuring tool
  • Spatial profiler widget enhancement
  • Histogram and statistics widget enhancement
  • Cursor info widget
  • Code snippets (experimental feature)
  • Support gzipped FITS images (fits.gz and fz)
  • HDF5 mip map support
  • Remember last used directory

Performance enhancement and bug fixes are included as well.

A brief description of the new features can be found here

The CARTA development team
23rd August, 2022